Monday, 3 December 2018

The Greatest Battle Report 2018: Vote Now!

Here's a run-down of this years 9 fantastic Greatest Battle Report Nominations (in alphabetical order),

The Greatest Battle Report 2018

Assault on Viadaza

Cinematic visuals and historical fiction combine in Padre's epic battle report, Cultists of Morr against the armies of undead in this mighty Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Chaos vs. Law

Law and Chaos clash in this mini campaign that escalates from small skirmishes to mass battle campaign in the frozen lands of the North of the Known World.

Cursed Isle of Morwen

The Undead, Slann clash in this adventure in an age of Middle-Earth as yet undreamed.

Dream of Gold

Brigands vs. Prospectors fight for their long forgotten gold in this silent-movie era Wild West Rogue Trader shoot out!

Five Parsecs Campaign Part 3

Clawdaddies vs. Skullcrackers in the far future of gang warfare using Nordic Weasels Five Parsecs from Home.

Fools Rush In

Dark Angels face Thousand Sons battle it out across a river in an 8th Ed 40k Maelstrom mission.

Read: Fools Rush In

The Siege of Graveskul 

Black Vaskens army of chaos defends the Castle Graveskul against the mighty Bretonian forces in a comic-book style play report.


An ancient Orkish teleporter has been discovered in a desert - can the Orks recover the lost technology or will they end up killing each other in the process in this Gorkamorka bolt-fest?

Read: Teleportas

Workorcs of the World Unite! 

When unscrupulous bosses decide to sack all their orcs, and raise the dead to take their jobs, industrial action ensues on a massive scale.

Read: Workorcs of the world Unite!

Vote Now!

A massive thanks to everyone who nominated a Battle Report this year, a great crop of entries with flavours to suit all tastes. Voting for the final winner is open from now until December 31st 2018 - using our simple as pie Greatest Battle Report 2018 Voting Form

So cast your vote, spread the word, show your support, call your followers to arms, mobilise your mob, and cheerlead your favourite battle report to victory - there can be only one!


  1. Even though I nominated myself for the competition, I am, regardless, deeply honoured to have my battle-report included on this list. Thanks for pulling this together, Zhu!

    1. No problem Douglas, it's a real honour being able to promote such great creative hobby activity. Now get out there and drum up as much support as you can to get it to win!