Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Otherworld Giant - Instructions

Completed the instructions for Otherworld miniatures Giant model. This was a black and white hand drawn 2-page A4 set of instructions written by the sculptor John Pickford and illustrated by me.

The distressed parchment edges were hand-drawn and the typefaces are a bit of a nod to some of the old school  heritage of Otherworld Miniatires, being a combination of  80s Citadel Miniatures with the headers set in Caslon Antique and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons being Century Gothic - although the actual D&D books are set in Futura, Century Gothic has a very similar feel with slightly increased legibility.

Each part was drawn individually (twice - once for the front and once for the back), and inked, then scanned and the final layout composited in InDesign. Johns sculpt is really crisp and clear, with enough detail to make it interesting - making drawing it a dream.

Slightly dull photo of my sketchbook showing some warm up drawings.

A magnificent painted example of the model  (by Bruenorodinson) can be seen on the Otherworld Forums, and it's for sale in the Otherworld Shop!


  1. I am currently saving up some cash to pick up one of these monstrosities. I'm leaning towards the Wayne Rooney head - too bad they didn't opt for Zidane, that would have made a nice option.

    How well do the pieces of your model fit together? Just wondering if I'll need to break out the green stuff or not to fill in any gaps.

  2. Hi Topkat!

    It's a fine choice of head! I'm sure that some of those tiny magnets could be brought into play so that the head could be swapped at will.

    The pieces fit together really well. The joins on the model are quite good, and most of them are nicely hidden by the edges of the clothing. Some filling with greenstuff will be required, and the whole thing needs to be pinned mostly due to the weight. The most noticable joint is the wrist which will need smoothing, and the joints on the dragon-skin waistcoat will need a bit of working, but it shouldn't be too difficult.