Sunday, 9 May 2010

Warhammer Hobgoblin Army List

Download Warhammer Hobgoblin Army List [PDF]

This army list is intended to be used for light 'skirmish' type games - more the kind of Army List that appeared in 1st Edition Warhammer supplement "Forces of Fantasy", or 2nd editions Ravening Hordes. It's probably best used for a Warhammer Skirmish type game where both sides have a few hundred points, or with a bit of work converting to a Mordheim warband.

It's a shame Games Workshop relegated the Hobgoblins to just slaves of the Chaos Dwarfs - their background and troop-types are varied and rich with ample opportunity for modellers / collectors and gamers. Perhaps they'll be reinstated in 8th edition.

Most of the races in the Realm of Zhu borrow strongly from the pseudo-historical tradition of fantasy, and indeed Hobgoblins are no exception. The base influence for this is probably the Warhammer Known World where most "races" are based on historical societies, albeit somewhat twisted. Forged in a time when historical wargaming was more popular than fantasy, it makes sense - not only being able to field the more readily available historical figures, but in also having armies from different periods clashing (Medieval Longbows vs. War of the Roses Muskets = Elves vs. Dwarves).

Warhammer Hobgoblins have their origins in an analogy with the medieval Mongolian, where this initial inspiration came from is lost to the mists of time, unless Aly Morrisson cares to explain it. One of the features of AD&D Hobgoblins is their eastern style armour, and perhaps it stems from this. Either way, the Hobgoblins in the Realm of Zhu are a  decidedly nomadic eastern martial society, borrowing from Tibetan mysticism and the great empire of Ghengis Kahn.

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