Saturday, 14 August 2010

Lord of the Rings miniatures from White Dwarf 76 (July 1986)

  ME 44  Uruk-Hai - Orc Guards

Here he is again! It's the ME-44 Uruk-Hai guard- this time converted by Kevin "Goblinmaster" Adams from way back in July 1986, this is the exact same model that John Blanche took his green-stuff and Stanley knife to back in October 85. Coincidence? Possibly. Alternatively there might have been a number of reasons to show various conversions - to show the adaptability of the range to non Tolkienites - a good Orc mini is a good Orc mini.

And this Uruk is especially exotic - Kev has trimmed down the sword for less of a scimitar look and given the Uruk a wicked two-tiered horned helmet. and shoulder spike. Something of a baroque candelabra or insectoid carapace about it. And added a hobbit-skull and some vegetation to the base, in fact a lot of Kevs bases are awe-inspiring, with tiny  mushrooms and ferns. Ov course Khaos Orkz needz mor skullz!

It should be noted that Kev has done the decent thing and painted his orc Tolkien Orc Brown, not Games Workshop Orc Green. Well done Kev!

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  1. Always loved this mini.
    Kev is undoubtedly he was the mastergoblinmodelmaker ;)
    Nevertheless, talking about LOTR maybe the best orc miniatures created at Citadel were designed by Jes Goodwin, his half-orcs are really good. I have hearded his orcs at Asgard are recognized as the better orcs ever. Maybe is not real, but is interesting to know it.