Sunday, 12 September 2010

Otherworld Summer Sale / Giant Unboxing Video

20% off everything over at everyones favourite old-school D&D style miniatures company  Otherworld Miniatures until the end of September. Let's celebrate with video!

Unfortunately I need to flog my 80's citadel wood elves currently languishing in paint-stripper to raise hobby-cash so I can't be flinging my ill gotten gains at Richard and adding to my lead pile this time round. However I'll can send some PR love through the bloggo-sphere as I stumbled across this Youtube video of the boys at The Beasts Of War doing an un-boxing of the awesome Otherworld Giant:

Of course the highlight is their mini-review of the instruction sheet I drew up which begins at 0:57 including such insightful comment as:  'Is that a birth certificate for the model?  no. Some simple instructions. A nice detailed bit of paper. Just some 2d drawings, nothing too fancy there. Nicely set laid out though. And the back has a big diagram on it'. Yeah!?! No, really, thanks guys! If they'd had started to wax lyrical about the typography (referencing both  1e AD&D manuals and Citadel) or the hand-drawn borders reminiscent of 80's game book adventure sheets, then maybe they'd have lost focus a teensy bit from the titanic amount of well shaped white metal they'd just got their hands on and about to froth all over.

The big guy is currently a snip at £52 (plus postage) until the end of September and of course there are savings on all the old-school Pig Faced Orcs, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Ropers, Troglodytes, Rats, Award Winning Skeletons, Purple Worms, Centaurs, Dire Wolves and pre-orders on the forthcoming Wraiths by Paul Muller, that, frankly I find very impressive...

that armour design has a really nice high fantasy feel, somewhere between Conan movie bad guys, Elmore inlaid armour (shot is a WIP - more detail to come) and pre-slotta Citadel Chaos, and the fact that it's a wacked-out deadite just dovetails perfectly with my recent Trevor Hammond obsession. It's like an awesome Grimdark zombie Elric. OW will be releasing 2 figures - hope the other isn't a million miles away in terms of design.

Otherworld Miniatures

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