Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Retrohammer Pig Faced Orcs Army List

Prompted by a post about Warhammer Fantasy Battles 1st Edition army lists over on Fighting Fantasist I thought I'd pull out my new-old retro-styled WFB1 edition army list for Pig Faced Orcs.

Before shelving the whole AD&D Monsters in Warhammer project (well, I've got a spreadsheet full enough for my gaming purposes, but no longer looking to PDF them) I moved away from the WFB1 stat-line, as 'upgrading' to the WFB2 stats means that the list is compatible with pretty much every edition of Warhammer ever, right up to WFB8 and Mordheim (which is a more than adequate upgrade to WFB1s 'roleplay' component) - a much more utilitarian option.

So having moved away from the classic WFB1 the Bugbear army list can pretty much be be used with anything, and so got styled in a more modern approach.

Of course, the 'army list' is still based very much in the WFB 1/ Forces of Fantasy / WFB 2 / Ravening Hordes school of army listing - totally unbalanced and arbitrary in favour of flavour, diversity and narrative over competitive tournament play - something that WFB8 seems to encourage.

Download Bugbear Army List [PDF]

Download Pig Faced Orc Army List [PDF]


  1. Awesome stuff!
    I got into Warhammer with the 2nd ed. box and stopped some time after picking up the 3rd ed book and army book. I was not a big fan of the Ravening Hordes book when it first came out (since my brother I always played vs. each other rather competitively, the lack of balance was an issue!) but I've been tihnking it's it be really interesting to see the 1st ed rules. The 2nd ed stuff, like the sample scenario in Lustria and the Lichemaster scenarios, still had some RPG elements but by the 3rd ed it was completely scrubbed of that.
    Anyway I stumbled on an old White Dwarf (#18?) with the half orcs list and now this post. Groovy.

  2. Is the Pig Faced Orc link broken? I can't get the Army List to download.

  3. @mikemonaco - early warhammer is great. Forget balance, and play both sides. The 1st edition rules are actually quite sketchy, but the citadel compendium stuff (Lustria) and the freewheeling spirit is great.

    @Mumzy Rumble - fixed now. Try again!