Friday, 19 November 2010

Insane Robot Shadows: Simon Bisley's ABC Warriors

Simon 'fraggin' Bisley, everyones favourite Art Droid, turned Heavy Metal dude. Probably better known for his fully painted Slaine and HM work than his insanely detailed and splattery black and white stuff that the Biz scribbled out for 2000AD in 1988.

Bisley brought an angular, stylised organo-mechanic with chainz! skullz! spikez! Just tipping the ABC Warriors over the edge from a war-encrusted sci-fi comic, into stranger occultech and philosophic territory, thanks to Deadlock, the best robot magic user ever.

Back in the day 2000AD was regularly printed on toilet paper which really don't do justice to the artwork.  And the current graphic novel reprints that I've seen are just too small for all those scratchy  details. Someone really needs to do a 1 to 1 size print of the original artwork.


Found some awe inspiring photos of the original art, which is apparently in the hands of private collectors:
 The site doesn't allow image hotlinking, so go, click and drooool...


  1. Hi there

    Bisley's ABC Warriors stuff blew my mind 20 years ago - and still does to this day!

    There was a nice, big reprint of his run printed - as "ABC Warriors: The Black Hole" - back in 2001 - it's out of print now but can be found on sites like, and

    Good luck!

  2. Someone really needs to do a 1 to 1 size print of the original artwork.

    This. Quoted for MFing Truth.