Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Names of The Taverns, Inns, and Alehouses of Bearoak

As everyone knows, all proper fantasy adventures begin with a random selection of PCs meeting in the pub. The following table is designed to generate the names of Inns, Taverns and Alehouses suitable for the country of Bearoak, and should may suit other "Merrie Ængland" type Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting.

Pondering a strange map over a jug of ale at The Royal Badger

Roll 1d100, take one word from the first column, roll another D100 and choose a word from the second column. It is up to the individual DM to decide upon the final arrangement of the Tavern name, with the insertion of an 'and' between the words, a possessive "s", pluralisation, or the addition of a 'The' at the beginning, these and other other small modifications may be made, which will undoubtedly maintain the theme and improve the over all aesthetic sense.

1 2
1 Barley Apple
2 Black Arms
3 Boar Ash
4 Boy Badger
5 Bracken Ball
6 Braying Barrel
7 Brick Bear
8 Bricklayers Bed
9 Broken Bees
10 Bugle Beetle
11 Copper Bell
12 Crooked Billet
13 Cup Birch
14 Dancing Bird
15 Dog Boat
16 Duke Bog
17 Dwarf Book
18 Elf Bottle
19 Feather Bowl
20 Flaggon Bridge
21 Forager Bucket
22 Fork(ed) Candle
23 Forrester Cheese
24 Giant Chestnut
25 Giddy Clover
26 Glass Coronet
27 Gold(en) Crier
28 Green Crown
29 Grey Deer
30 Ha'penny Donkey
31 Halfling Dragon
32 Happy Drum
33 Hen Duck
34 Hound Eagle
35 Hollow Elm
36 Holly Fetlock
37 Homely Flute
38 Hooded Fool
39 Hops Foot
40 Horn Ford
41 Horse Fox
42 Hound Frog
43 Howling Gnome
44 Ivory Goat
45 King Goblin
46 Knight Goose
47 Last Hand
48 Leaf Hare
49 Leather Hawthorne
50 Little Head
51 Lord Hedge
52 Lost Herb
53 Magician Hind
54 Maid Hock
55 Malt Horse
56 Map House
57 Mask Ivy
58 Monk Loaf
59 Moon Lion
60 Moss Man
61 Motley Manor
62 Mouse Manticore
63 New Minstrel
64 Noisy Mushroom
65 Old Needle
66 Orc Noose
67 Pen Oak
68 Pipe Owl
69 Ploughman Partridge
70 Poor Pheasant
71 Prancing Pig
72 Prince Pipe
73 Queen Plough
74 Ranger Pot
75 Red Rabbit
76 Rested Retreat
77 River Retriever
78 Royal Robin
79 Silent Rook
80 Silver Rose
81 Sleeping Sheep
82 Smoke Ship
83 Snare Sickle
84 Snare Slipper
85 Star Spade
86 Startled Sparrow
87 Stone Spice
88 Tangle Sun
89 Thistle Swan
90 Thorny Tambourine
91 Thread Throne
92 Three Titmouse
93 Twisted Toad
94 Twittering Troll
95 Wealthy Trout
96 White Trout
97 Wild Tun
98 Wolf Unicorn
99 Wooden Whistle
100 Woodsman Wolf

What adventurer could not refuse an invitation to spend the night at The Rested Ship? or sample the famous cheeses of  The Ha'penny Chestnut or perhaps get into a fight at the The Orc and Toad, or pass up the opportunity to meet a mysterious half-mad Druid at The Braying 'Shroom?

Of course for Bearoak proper, the usual  Elf -> Eldarin, Dwarf -> Dverg, Orc -> Uruk,  Halfling -> Holbyta transformations occur.

Followers of the blog should find on surprise in the featuring of Beer as a core element of the campaign setting. The starting point was a list of local pubs that I have frequented over the years, alongside the inclusion of iconic fantasy tropes, pastoral imagery, faery-tale elements, hunting and brewing terms.

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