Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Female Armour X: Snow White

Just a quickie - Kristen Stewart as Snow White, in full plate armour and carrying a shield.

Kirsten Stewart Armour | Schneewittchen

Realistic Full Plate. Yes!
Braided Hair. Yes!

It's early an publicity shot, so there is a chance things could change, but high praise to Colleen Atwood for this excellent design. If I rememver rightly Colleen also did Tim Burton's Alice, which also featured great armour. The hair is especially admirable, and something I was trying to portray with Elyandria. I also love the White Tree of Gondor device on her shield - I  hope the film shows it to be a work of dvergcraft.

Behind the scenes shot - hair let down.



Kirsten Stuart Armour shots at 1:31 - still looking very nice, but they've gone with a more traditional, boring and feminising hair do. There's also some chintzy shots of the mirror looking like a Morbid Angel re-imaging of Terminator 2, only a lot less cool than the image those words might conjure. Be interesting  to see if they use the reflective property of full plate metal in a significant way.

With two Snow White movies and The Hobbit Part 1 in 2012, That's a lot of dwarven folk in the cinema next year.

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