Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Advanced Dungeons of Disturbia

Disturbia Clothing, with AD&D inspired Ts for Spring / Summer 2012 collection. Genius!

Womens: Advanced Dungeons & Disturbia

Mens: Advanced Dungeons & Disturbia
Distrubia do it again, not only did they decorate their shop with  Fighting Fantasy wallpaper, they now do AD&D inspired t-shirts.  Hardcore oldschool dungeonpunk psychedelia - for the win! I wish they'd name their artists, because whoever did that AD&D needs some serious linkage.

 I'm also rather taken with their Jamie Reid hommage "Never mind the future, here comes the Apocalypse" shirt...

Disturbia Clothing

K // D¡SURB¡▲ <3 ▲D+D //

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