Friday, 27 July 2012

Red Box Games Kickstarter Art

Red Box Games are running a Kickstarter to re-tool their Helsvakt miniatures - chaotic evil barbarians:

Chaotic! Evil! Barbarian! Twoweaponing! Skullz! Chainz!

I also did some custom caligraphy / lettering, examples below:

"Stretch Goals" Caligraphy
 And this guy, who's a favourite:

The stretch-goals already met have included some of the Aenglish (Arthurian types), new Helsvakt heroes, and heading towards some new marauding hordesmen, with a few heroes (including a wicked semi-nude elf-sorceress / wardancer hero, and her wolf-friend, who I must have done at least 3 drawings of by now for Tre')  and along the way to a huge horde of very nicely sculpted fantasy zombies for an amazingly low cost.

Anyway,  here's the link again:


  1. Love the artwork, it reminds me of Russ Nicholson's work, even though the styles aren't even that similar!

    1. I agree - a classic Brit fantasy look. My imagination illustrates my games are illustrated in this kind of style.

  2. Hey, thanks guys.

    The comparison to Russ is very flattering (for me - not sure how he'd feel about it!)