Wednesday, 3 April 2013

T-Shirt Update

The next chapter in the ongoing campaign against naked gaming. First off Barrowmaze T-shirt:

Barrowmaze T-shirt - click for bigger!
The T-shirt features an insane undead cultist, a mongrelman, a dracoliche, a giant skull, a  and a fallen-hero skeleton warrior, falling masonry and letters made out of bones. Hopefully you'll be getting some psychobilly / metalhead vibes off it. If you're not sure what Barrowmaze is all about, it's an old-school D&D dungeon-crawl focusing on the pillaging of a massive network of underground barrows - there are reviews and previews of Barrowmaze on RPGNow. The module features lots of undead, cultish factions and insane artefacts of insanity written by Greg Gillespie with artwork by myself, Stefan Poag, Jim Holloway, Trev Hammond and many others.

Greg is funding the printing of a selection of T-shirts through indigogo, and there are a few other designs up there too, from the Mighty Pen of Poag and Jumpin' Jim Holloway - all Old-School themed and very nice they are too. They cost about $25 / £17 including US/CAN postage, but European postage will be additional.

Barrowmaze Gamer T's on Indiegogo

And secondly, my order Oldhammer ov Khaoz Tzhirt arrived, and here's some dodgy phonecam shots...

chaos fire on beastman.

You can see the "grain" that the print has, a slightly speckled effect, which is quite nice, and there's a tiny bit of ghosting around the edges of the lettering - less than 0.5mm. I think there is a substrate of white that is then printed over in colour - Spreadshirt are not very good at explaining their printing processes or explaining how to get best results, they also only except vector graphics or PNGs, which are RGB, so how the colour gets interpreted is a but hit and miss. Anyway,  enough design nit-picking, I'm very happy how the details in the drawing came out and the colour of the piece, and will gladly wear this down the pub as soon as the weather sorts itself out.

If you're looking at my chest this close, you're standing too close.

But I did get the opportunity to experience Spreadshirts return policy as I found it a little too tight across my ever expanding middle aged gamers waistline.   So I emailed Spreadshirt, said it didn't really fit properly and could I get an L. They responded the next day and said I could either  keep it and get a £5 voucher off my next purchase OR return it to them and get a L and attached PDF form to fill in and print out and put in so I packed the t-shirt back into it's packaging and shipped it off (at a cost of under a quid for Large Letter) and  few days later an L appeared, which is a much better fit. I don't know if that's their standard procedure, but it does give me confidence that Spreadshirt are doing the right thing.

All flavours of T-Shirts are available, again black is proving the most popular, but the Warhammer Wives Club seems to be very slow in getting in on the action.  

UK & Europe from:

And a slightly more limited range in the USA and the Rest of the World from


  1. YAY!!! thanks for the update on the shirts...the new one looks fantastic....and the addition of the US shop is much appreciated and my order is in!

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  3. Love that golden brown bow! color.