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Jem & the Harlequins

Harlequins Exhibit A.
The Harlequins are highly accomplished warriors and each Trouper, as their warriors are called, can be considered almost a one-man army in melee combat. They are already graceful and lithe from their lifestyle and dances and Harlequin augment their prowess with so-called "Flip-Belts" that generate a small anti-gravitic field around them and allow them to leap unnaturally high. They also make use of Eldar Holo-fields and a technology known as "Masks of Fear." They also wear holo-suits sophisticated substitutes for armour that also aid theatrical performance. Whenever the Harlequin moves, their image is shattered into a holographically-projected cloud of crystal shards that dance and swirl around with vigour proportional to the speed that the Harlequin is moving.
Space Elf Harlequin Troupe. Exhibit B.
Jem and the Holograms Figures Exhibit C.
Jem and the Holograms is the name of Jerrica Benton's music band. They are signed under Starlight Music, which is also owned and run by Jerrica. The band derives its name from the main concept of the show, which are the holographic images projected from Synergy, a supercomputer built by Jerrica's father, via her earrings. These earrings have remote micro-projectors in them, allowing Jerrica to assume the persona of her alter ego, Jem. She can also project images around her, which she uses in many cases as a distraction if her cover is about to be blown or to protect herself and her friends from danger.
Eldar Harlequin High Warlock 'Synergy' Exhibit D.

The Mask of Fear is a small holographic device worn like a mask. It projects daemonic visages and scenes of death onto the mask and has a short-range psychic amplifier which increases enemies' sensitivity to fear and despair.

Jem and the Holograms figures  Exhibit E.

The Song of Jem

Jem (Jem is excitement) oh
Jem (Jem is adventure) oh
Glamour and glitter
Fashion and fame

Jem (Jem is truly outrageous)
(Truly, truly, truly outrageous)
Oh whoa Jem (Jem)
The music contagious (outrageous)

Jem is my name
No one else is the same
Jem is my name

But we're the Misfits
Our songs are better
We are the Misfits, the Misfits
And we're gonna get her

Jem (Jem is truly outrageous)
(truly, truly, truly outrageous)
Oh whoa Jem (Jem)
The music contagious (outrageous)

Jem is my name

No one else is the same
Jem is my name

The Eldar Harlequin are followers of the strange Eldar God called Cegorach, the Laughing God, one of the only two Eldar Gods to survive the Fall and consumption by Slaanesh. Harlequins are warrior troubadours whose carefully constructed masques and impressive displays of mime and acrobatics tell the many strange stories of Eldar Mythology. They wear exotic multicolored costumes, brightly patterned to represent figures from the Eldar myth cycles. The groups will wander through the Webway, visiting Craftworlds and other Eldar strongholds in order to re-enact stories from the ancient mythic cycles through song and dance. These strange performances are highly symbolic and are considered an important event for the Eldar.

Jem and the Holograms Exhibit X

All text taken from various fan wikis of the 40k and Jem universes. The inevitable conclusion (?) follows:

In the glitter and glam future of the 41st Millenium, there is only Jem.

In  this episode of Jem and the Harlequins, the Eldar troupe arrive on a backwards human planet (Mirr-E NGL-4N-Delta) where the Imperial Govenor is ruthlessly exploiting the citizenry. Not wishing to destroy the frail human minds in some kind of apocalypic Bowiesque Starman incident, the Harlequins forgo an all out assault with their sassy Shuriken Pistols and crucial Keytars but instead take a slightly more subtle, almost diplomatic approach in a totally glamorous array of mock-renaisance period costume in an outrageous pallette of neon pastels.

Jem and the Holograms[ (c) 1985-1988 Hasbro, Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions, created by Christy Marx 
Eldar Harlequins (c) 1988-2013 Games Workshop, created by Jeremy Goodwin.


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