Monday, 23 June 2014

Heroes & Otherworlds Character Sheet

C R Brandon of  got in touch a while back regarding designing some character sheets for his Heroes & Otherworlds RPG,  Here's some photographs of the original art (pen and ink on bristol board)

Wizard Character Sheet

Adventurer Character Sheet

See I photographed them at wonky angles so you can see they are photos-of-objects rather than actual images and if you zoom in you can see the pencil marks left as sizing / crop marks. Ha!

The typographically aware old-schooler will recognise Stonehenge / Satans Minions typeface which I hand lettered on there for true old-school charm (the character sheet stat boxes were added and integrated digitally, with lots of overlapping elements and all that)

The game itself is a classic rules light fantasy RPG - Brandon cites Metagamings Melee & Wizard, which would become The Fantasy Trip (which I'm not all that familiar with) and Moldvay D&D Basic (which I am!). To me it feels a a bit like a slightly more D&D-ish Fighting Fantasy Introductory RPG, and as such contains all those essential late 1970s / early 80s fantasy motifs. The book contains a lot of black and white 'classic' fantasy art, and it would be amiss if I didn't mention much of it comes from the bold and adventurous pen of my good internet buddy Luigi Castellani.

Thank you to C R Brandon for the opportunity to illuminate part of his world of imagination and adventure! The final character sheets are currently being given away (for free!) as PDF dowloads at  Heroes & Other Worlds

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  1. Thanks Dave your illustrations are fantastic and really made the character sheets come alive! Thank you sir worth every pound sterling to get a bit of your illustrative greatness!