Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How to Self Assemble Planström Dungeon Floor Plan System

To prepare and assemble Planström using this guide you will need:
  • Planström Dungeon Floorplan Set One PDF 
  • access to a black and white printer
  • sheets of paper (180msg-280msg)
  • a sharp craft knife or scalpel
  • a self-healing cutting mat
  • a metal ruler or straight-edge
  • a sheet of black A3 paper

Planström Dungeon Floor Plan

Step 1: Obtaining Planström

Planström is easily available from DrivethuRPG at the following internet address:


Once you have downloaded a set of Planström, proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Designing with Planström 

Before you begin to Planström we consider it a good idea to consider the size of room tiles, the lengths of corridors and number of doors you will need.  You can always produce more Planström at a later time, but deciding upon a certain number of corridors and rooms before beginning to produce  Planström will make your Planström flow more easily.

Ideas for designs may be found in the map of a published traditional roleplaying adventure scenarios. In this case study the map carefully, making note of the sizes of rooms or corridors and design your Planström accordingly. More inspiration may be found in diagrams of archeological sites  such as old castles, cathedrals or even your own home! With Planström you are free to explore the possibilities of your imagination.

Example: Skaldig Mönster

For an initial set we recommend using the Skaldig Mönster Dungeon Floorplan design pattern (see below). This is a flexible pattern which will give you a varied set of rooms and corridors, suitable for many exciting kinds of dungeon adventures for you, your friends, family and colleagues to enjoy.

To produce the Skaldig Mönster Dungeon Floorplan you will need to print :

  • 2 sheets of Planström Sheet 1A: Room 
  • 1 set of Planström Sheet 1B: Corridor
  • 1 set of Planström Sheet 1C: Doors

And cut the plans using the following guides. Red lines indicate the cuts for you to make.
Planström Sheet 1A: Skaldig Mönster Dungeon Floorplan
red lines indicate cuts

This sheet will give you:

  • 1 x 7 x 6 Room
  • 1 x 4 x 4 Room
  • 1 x 3 x 4 Room

Planström Sheet 1A: Skaldig Mönster Dungeon Floorplan
red lines indicate cuts
This will give you:
  • 1 x 7 x 4 Room
  • 1 x 4 x 4 Room
  • 2 x 3 x 3 Rooms

Planström Sheet 1B:
Skaldig Mönster Dungeon Floorplan 
red lines indicate cuts

This will give you:
  • 2 x 1 x 10 Corridors
  • 1 x 2 x 10 Corridor
  • 2 x 2 x 5 Corridor
  • 2 x 1 x 5 Corridors
  • a lot of doors*
* We have not shown a cutterguide for doors. Every 25mm horizontal and 12.5mm line as indicated by the cutter guides need to be cut.

The Skaldig Mönster Dungeon Floorplan is ideal for a small dungeon as might be inhabited by the traditional dungeon denizens such as Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs and Skeletons. A small dragon may fit in the larger room. It's really up to you.

Of course many other useful Dungeon Floorplan Designs can be easily produced. With Planström the only limits are your creativity.

Step 2: Printing Planström Sheets

Print as many sheets of Planström as required for your Dungeon Floorplan Design. For a 25mm grid, ensure that scaling is set to 100%, do not allow your computer print dialogue to "fit-to page" or "scale to fit". If the Planström artwork falls over your printers print margins, do not worry. If you wish to use Planström with an alternative scale, please use the conversion chart below.


Planström is built of high resolution black and white images, and will comfortably scale on most printing devices without degrading in quality.

Once you have your printed sheets of Planström you will be ready to carry out your Dungeon Floorplan Design and proceed to Step 2.

Step 3: Cutting Planström Sheets

Assemble your:

  • printed planström sheets
  • a metal ruler or straight edge
  • a sharp knife
  • cutting mat

Whilst this guide is intended for use with these tools, feel free to express your creativity using alternative cutting methods, such as scissors or laser cutters, which are entirely possible options using Planström.

Knife, Ruler, Planström.

Zhu Industries recommends the following products:
  • Swan Morton Size 3 Scalpel Handle
  • Swan Morton 10A Blades
  • Stanley Metal Steel Ruler
These are high quality precision instruments which if looked after correctly will help you create Planström time and time again over the years as well as for other projects. We selected these because we are comfortable and familiar with their use, they are made in the UK, so easily obtainable, have a low carbon footprint and support local business. Of course, Zhu Industries encourages you to source high quality products from your own local steel and precision tool making industries, and to use well looked after vintage tools wherever possible.

Planström Döts rock!

At the heart of the Planström Dungeon Floor Plan System lays the unique cutter-guide graphic device - the Planström Döt. This has been specially created to help you cut Planström accurately and safely.  You will notice that the cutter-guide does not sit on the edge of the textures frame, but sits just within it. This is to ensure a clean edge, and will produce an accurate grid if followed properly.

Place your metal ruler or striaght-edge half-way over the largest  Döt and follow the line through the grid.

Finally ensure both ends of the ruler or straight-edge are lined up and whilst holding the ruler firmly, run your knife along the edge, following cutting to the Döt. Proceed until all the cuts following your plan are done.

Whatever plan you are using, the following tips may help cut Room and Corridor:

  • start with the direction that will require the least cuts
  • cut all the internal lines in that direction first
  • cut all the internal lines in the second direction
  • always cut the outside edges last
When cutting a sheet such as 1C Doors
  • cut the longer internal lines first, 
  • cut the shorter lines second, 
  • when cutting the shorter lines:
  • Start from the centre and work outwards. 
  • Always maintain a firm pressure on the straight-edge where the cut is being made.

Further options for creating your own, unique style of Planström include glueing sheets to mount-board, or foam-board for increased rigidity, printing onto coloured or textured paper for more  personal variation.


  1. Hey. Love this dungeon tile set. Any plans for more? Thanks . . .

    1. Hey Jason. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you are enjoying Planström.

      Yes Planström will expand. Set 2 will be stairs and dungeon furniture. There will also be a compatible science fiction set called Kosmoström. I'm open to suggestions!

  2. I'll pick up both of those for sure. I'd love to see a Cavern / tunnel set and a forest clearing / path set.

  3. Also single buildings would be useful. Tavern. Tower. Bridge / Gate House. Hunting Lodge . . .