Thursday, 24 May 2018

Unboxing: Halfling Shirt from Games Sesh

An unboxing of the Halfing t-shirt I designed for Games Sesh's range of Fantasy RPG Shirts

Myserious Green Package (address label removed)
It seems standard practice to send soft materials like clothing in tough plastic bags these days, and although the parcel looked like it might have been carried by rabid winged monkeys to Zhu Towers the parcel was still intact with no rips or tears. Opening cutting through a folded over bag end, with a pair of kitchen scissors. Inside...

Another layer of wrapping and a funky flyer
...was another layer of packaging. Thinner transparent that keeps the shirt clean and protects it a bit more. Also a flyer advertising the other Fantasy RPG T-shirts I've designed for Games Sesh (I didn't do the flyer, but yay 35 degrees!) the internal bag had a weakly glued flap so easy to open.
t-shirt unfolded
The t-shirt - Gildan brand 100% cotton, black, nice quality. The silkscreen print is smooth, not overly thick and holds the detail of my drawing really well, I think the print guys did a top job on that. Apologies to the Kender girl on the left as her face is a bit folded up in the photo. It's a definite non-iron wash inside-out, dry on a hanger job like most printed shirts.

Black D20
And there's a handy black D20 dice included ready to roll up yet another Halfling character and send them off on an adventure!

Halfing drawing [ZHU] 2018

The Halfling shirt along with Elves, Half-Elves, Fighters, Barbarians and rest of the Fantasy RPG T-shirts can be seen at Games Sesh

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