Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Oldhammer on Amazon

Classic Oldhammer ov Khaos T-shirt design is now available through Amazon in the US in 3 grim dark colorways.

Oldhammer ov Khaos: Olive

Oldhammer ov Khaos: Dark Heather

Oldhammer ov Khaos: Black

This is something of a departure for me as I've used Spreadshirt as my print-on-demand t-shirt supplier for years, but Amazon do have different processes and range of garments. And besides, I like the idea of a gang of Amazon tribeswomen carrying bagloads of Oldhammer merch.  

Anyway if you're in the US and thinking about getting an Oldhammer T-shirt, have a look at the Oldhammer of Khaos on Amazon

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