Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fighting Fantasy / John Blanche Original Art Sale

A really nice piece from John Blance has come up for sale on eBay. It is from Fighting Fantasy: Clash of the Princes: Way of the Warlock.

Djinn by John Blanche via

For sale on eBay


  1. It were something from Sorcery! I'd be over that auction like a rash. Clash of the Princes though is a bit, well, meh. Watching that auction though, be interested to see what it goes for.

  2. There's another John Blanche Artwork for sale on eBay

  3. I still have artwork from Spectral Stalkers and Bloodbones for sale, as well as my eighties, first edition 40K illos.....

  4. John Blanche original Illustrations depicting the scenes from The Hobbit;

    'The Battle of the Five Armies'
    'The Destruction of Numenor'

    Both are due to go on sale 9th December 2014, Sotherby's London.

    If this is of interest please feel free to contact me further, I am handling the PR and the sale on behalf of Fantasy Art Originals