Friday, 2 December 2011

Halfling Character Reference

It's unofficially, officially the month of the OSR halfling. Chris over at Halfling House has published his Top 10 Halfling miniatures of all time focusing on the chubby Citadel C11 range, and Migelleto over at Grumpy Old Troll is de-Tolkienising his D&D little folk.  So I'm here to chime in with a selection of the finest Hobbitty faces:

Sid James - Bingo Buggins
Terry Scott - Tobomory "Toby" Cuttingshedge

Richard Briars and Penelope Keith
Lord and Lady Cranknortle
Tove Jannson - Daphne 'Fee' Glossop-Dorkins
Bernard Cribbens - Wickham 'Wicky' Bluffing-Mews

Billie Piper - Lady Myrtle Chuffnell

Jenny Agutter with a shotgun.  Harriet Worplesden

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