Thursday 18 October 2012

Codex Astronomica

Brothers Rejoice! For we have uncovered a sacred remnant from The Dark Age of Technology, an ancient tome of strategy and lore:

Wayne Englands cover to WD101
Small Paul Bonner Goblin
So, after having bought WH40K:RT at Games Day 87, and playing the heck out of it, the book started to fall apart. Instead of attempting a sympathetic rebinding, I ripped it up and hole-punched the lot of it, and put it into a A4 ring binder, using dividers to separate sections, and reinforcing the holes so they didn't rip in the heat of battle...

WH40K Equipment
The folders starts out with the Standard Template Construct Rulebook
Warhammer Siege. .
And then it grew. At some point I picked up Warhammer Siege for fiver in a GW sale, when they used to have sales, and added that in some time later...

Realm of Chaos
These are the White Dwarf Articles
Most of the Realm of Chaos books was published in WD before making it into the hardbacks, and most of those articles are to be found in the binder...

Ian Millers amazing Chaos blades.

Genestealers section
Genestealers. This got reprinted in a paperback (Compendium? Compilation? Chapter Approved?) but as I already had all the WD articles, didn't see the point of those...

Expanded Imperial section, note the early Terminator design
An interesting glimpse into early Terminator armour, again a WD article.

Gangs! Drawings by John Blanche
Development on Confrontation / Necromunda appeared as WD articles - it was just about 40k Gangs at that point, not really a settled game.
Eldar - illustrations by Jes Goodwin.
(sorry about the low-quality pic)
Waaargh the Orks!
Paul Bonner Ork Weirdboy drawing
Again, culled from WD articles
Waargh the Orks was a massive 2 volume set of Orkish rules, one half fluff, one half crunch. However, GW had already published 90% of the material in WD, and that is collected here.
Back Cover: Wayne England Ork
So there you have it! Now if I could only find the half-Zoid, half-Airfix cyborg dinosaur that my Space Orks used to travel round with...


  1. The Genestealer and Eldar stuff was republished in the 40k compilation, the Terminator armor stuff was in the compendium.

    IIRC the 40k compilation had the army list for a Chaos Genestealer cult, complete with armoured limo for the patriarch. They really should have put that stuff in Necromunda, I'd have been all over it.

    1. The Genestealer Cult army list was also printed in White Dwarf #116. The Ork Genestealer Cult was in #135 and later appeared in Freebooterz.

  2. Wow that is a tome of awesomeness indeed!

    I've been intrigued before by the confrontation articles that crop up in various WD's. Paranoia also looked like a right laugh and I quite liked the minis.

    I miss my Zoids...

  3. I used to keep all my WDs in a green ring-binder in the late eighties-early nineties. Not quite as arcane as your own mouldering tome, but reading this brought back fond memories!

  4. My tome was xerox sections cut and pasted together as a QRS and then all the house rules and Mighty Empires Campaign notes and journal. I only wish I still had the letters we wrote as we tried to keep it PBEM after I went off to school.