Monday, 8 October 2012

Otherworld Old School Dungeon Adventurer Miniatures Crowdfunding

Yes  Otherworld Miniatures are getting on board the miniatures crowdfunding phenomenonon, with an excellent* range of dungeon adventurers.

DA1 (front) Kevin Adams

DA1 (back) Kevin Adams

Set 1 is a box of 12 adventuring type human men, set 2 adventuring demi-humans, set 3 adventuring women, set 4 hirelings and henchmen.  All are set to be gritty fantasy adventurers, tooled up for some serious old school dungeon delving (yes, even the women will be sensibly attired).

Sculpting duties are going to Kevin Adams, John Winter David Soderquist and Patrick Keith based on concept art by Paul Gallagher and Des Hanley, each boxed set will be supplied in FeldHerr foam with front cover case art by (unannounced, but he's very good, highly prolific and you know his work) and back cover and design by me!**

Completed Stretch Goals include Equipment packs, Treasure Items, Campsite, Cart and Mule - which are added in at various funding levels. Forthcoming stretch-goals include  War Dogs, Barrels & Crates and Wizards Familiars (both Mundane and Magical).

Otherworld Miniatures - Dungeon Adventurers - Indiegogo

** yes, yes I know. I actually jumped in and put down the first backing (in at level 7) after seeing kevs greens and pauls concept art before Richard dragged me in to work on the project, so yes, I really do think its good, and I'm not just saying it.


  1. Mighty tempting this - I'll need some pretty creative accounting to invest in the level I'd really like though...

    Very good value for money mind.

  2. I'm scrambling to try to find some cash for this campaign...I'm not sure I'll make it or what level I can afford..but the figures look great.