Wednesday 23 May 2012

Empire ov thee Amazons

Sorry, this post isn't ready, accidentally hit "publish" and all the blogrolls are pointing to it, so rather just leave an error, have a look at  Thantansts fantastic Citadel C30 Amazons, which is what it's all about.

Citadel C30 amazons
Awesome paint by Thatsants more

Tuesday 22 May 2012

WIP: Barrowmaze Character Sheet + Win!

Some photos of my drawing-board of the Barrowmaze II Character sheet, featuring skulls, grave goods, mallets, crowbars, pliers, statues, ghouls, ropes, knives, stones, scrolls, cloth, drains, rats, runes, chains, candles, lanterns, bricks, gems, spiders etc. If you haven't already signed up for the pre-order there is still time left - Barrowmaze at Indiegogo.

Also the blog just past 100,000 page views, and I feel like giving something away to erm, celebrate this great milestone in blogging history. These two corner shots both contain homages to specific pieces of TSR art.  I'll give a super-secret prize* to whoever can spot and name both pieces being referenced.  To enter - just leave a comment stating the name of the artist(s) and the publication(s) that are being paid homage to. All correct entries will be placed in a magic hat, and drawn at random. Greg is exempt from entering - because he knows...

*Citizens outside the United Kingdom may be asked to pay postage. No guarantee is given for the relative interest or value of the super-secret prize, probably RPG or otherwise gaming or fantasy related, possibly incomplete or broken or otherwise tampered with. Super secret prize may (or may not) contain multiple items. Probably not suitable for small children. Possible choking hazard. Winner does not have to claim prize, but if does will be required to provide a review of the super-secret prize on the blog or forum of their choice. There is no second place. There can be only one. The Judges decision is final. A cash alternative to the Super-secret prize cannot be provided. Winner of Super-secret prize will be named and shamed on this blog. Competition closes when I feel like it or when someone actually wins, whichever comes soonest. Praise the Emperor.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Me meme

Stuart Lloyd has published an interview with me!

Go read my mad ill-informed ramblings. Then, go read every single other interview, and you'll have a huge, massive, wealth of knowledge about the state of the game-book scene in 2012. I hope Stuart gets round to building an index, because there is a metric tonne of good stuff there.

Also I noticed I now have my own page at RPG GEEK - does that mean I'm like internet-level famous now, or what?

Oh yeah, and watch this (it's not about me, but it is awesome, Old School D&D, GW, FF, 1980s Games Day convention footage, queues, etc.):