Friday 28 July 2023

Vlatkrig Set Five: The Galdethraja Alliance

Vlätkrig Set Five: The Gáldaethraja Alliance contains 6 unique, hand-drawn, black and white antlered elvenfolk characters for you to print, cut-out and play or use with virtual tabletop software.

The Gáldaethraja Alliance sheet 1 contains six different characters of a single gender, multiple cultures and ethnicities with varying arms and armour:

Myrré Volkāncraeft - war-axe and shield  

Aenjleoht Kyr-Tör - daemonic greatsword

Skáld Sifvíför - spear and shield

Ajenliá Daeþys - spear and shield 

Virjulinja Ülfilija - sword and shield 

Ammalyþr Pünkhyrstj - bow and dagger

Alongside the seven Gáldaethra characters is an additional sheet of scatter terrain featuring: Wattle Fences, Runic monoliths and Crystal shards, as well as a simple to follow instruction sheet.

Vlätkrig Set Five: The Gáldaethraja Alliance can be downloaded from, at the regular price of £1.99 at:

Gáldaethraja Fest - 50% OFF all Vlätkrig Sets

To celebrate the launch of Vlätkrig Set Five: The Gáldaethraja Alliance, we are reducing all Vlätkrig sets on by 50% over the launch weekend (28-30th July 2023) , including:

  • Vlätkrig Set One: Gnörf Wardens of Legend
  • Vlätkrig Set Two: Haemogoblin Könkerors
  • Vlätkrig Set Three: Köbling Hûdraeth
  • Vlätkrig Set Four: Vackreth Deörghast
  • Vlätkrig Set Five: The Gáldaethraja Alliance

So whether it's the stalwart Gnörves, crazed Haemogoblins, sneaky Köblings or fearsome Vackreth Deörghast now is the perfect time to round out your Vlätkrig collection with the few missing sets, or to jump straight in and grab the whole range in one go.

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