The Art of Zhu

Welcome to The Art of Zhu, wherein I display some of my fantasy drawings, designs and illustrations.

I am available for commission for illustration, ornament, graphics, character designs, record sleeves, t-shirts, gaming projects etc. If you are interested in have me do some work for you, the best way is to drop me a note at: to discuss your requirements.

Meanwhile: Enjoy the images!

Wilderness Encounters | for Otherworld

The Armoury| for Otherworld Miniatures

Dungeon Encounters | for Otherworld Miniatures 

The Portal of Lawful Evil

Ashen The Demonchylde

Gurshna the Foundling

The Glass Knife
Dwarven Runestone
Giant Spider instructions & border
Otherworld Giant instructions and border

Bugbear, crow and axe

Bugbear Shaman
The Bugbear Warchief

Hobgoblin Gang