Sunday 3 December 2017

The Greatest Battle Report of 2017

As we're coming to the close of the year, I thought it might be fun to look back at some of the great batreps that people have been doing throughout 2017, perhaps bring some attention to some hidden gems and shine a light on the massive tabletop creativity that abounds in the old school scene.

This works something like this:

1. Nominate a great battle-report.
1.1 Must be relevant to Oldhammer in some way, be it old-school rules, miniatures or whathaveyou.
1.2 Must be published (not necessarily played) this year - 2017.
1.3 Must be publicly accessible on a blog or a forum or wherever for people to look at.
1.4 It can be your own, someone else's.
1.5 Just add a link to this thread on the Oldhammer forum, by 20th December 2017.
2. Vote for the best - I'll compile a poll of all the nominations around 21st of December
3. Win the winner then has the honour of sticking the 'the Greatest Battlereport 2017' graphic on their blog or just basking in the glory of well earned adoration.

Let the well documented, entertainingly written and presented battle commence!