Tuesday 27 August 2013


The music videos by Phil Mucci just ripe for wargaming. Probably NSFW unless you work in a 1970s headshop or metal club.

HIGH ON FIRE: Fertile Green



OPETH: The Devils Orchard

Planet Motherfucker + Rogue Trader + Zombie Apocalypse + Planet of the Apes + Satan + Harley Davidson + Psychedelica + Billious Green + Worm Purple.

Thanks to Jack at Tales of Grotesquery and Dungeonesque 

OOPS forgot to use the word Oldhammer.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Derek's Back!

or is it his front? Who can tell?
Derek the Troll 2013 | Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer's classic comic creation Derek the Troll is set for a comeback in Jonathan Green's You Are the Hero - a history of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks. Hurrah!

In typical egomaniac fan-boy fashion I  have decided to take full credit for this monumental return of an controversial British icon (well some people on the White Dwarf letters page didn't like him, so that counts as controversial in these parts). The reason for such arrogance being that I hassled both Jonathan and Lew about doing this, on Twitter, no less. Hmm. Very 2013.  What's that Derek? the Warlock said it was all his idea? What a total load of bo.... That's enough of that Zhu or I'll turn you into a toad - The Warlock. llocks....