Friday 17 August 2018

Hordes of the Auld World

A look at the graphics supporting Red Box Games Hordes of the Auld World Kickstarter Campaign, which s aims to get a range of 28mm Modular Orc and Goblin miniatures produced in high quality plastic.

Main Header

Main Kickstarter Banner
Red Box Games Orcs and Goblins are a crude, barbarian, primitive animalistic peoples, not really given to the arts beyond exercising raw physical violence against their foes.  With multiple and modular models on offer, showcasing just one or two to make a bold, dramatic image misses out on the full range, while trying to cram in every variation visual.  Instead the banner loudly shouts 'evil monster!', let's you know it's miniatures, then rewards curiosity with the full product unveiling down the page. 

 "The Face of the Orc God" motif, developed as a stylised cave painting based on angular geometrical forms and rough edges, combining orc, skull, beard, tusk-fang and horn elements to express the primitive attributes that the Orcs might worship.  The kind of symbol that might appear daubed and scratched on an Orcish menhir in the blood of their slain enemies, or painted and scraped in clay and woad by Goblin Shaman on their crudely constructed shields.

Box Set Graphics

These are designed to give an 'at a glance' overview of what you get for each pledge-level.  The silhouette being drawn from the original metal miniatures that the plastic versions will be based on. 

The "Face of the Orc God" motif appears as a watermark on the box set graphics to reinforce the campaign identity long with the Red Box Games logo. 


By now it has become customary for Red Box Games Kickstarters to include a T-Shirt of the main campaign graphic. In this case, the Face of the Orc God . Again the graphic serves is to express the idea, rather than try to visualise the final product which will be produced when the Kickstarter ends.


A number of subheadings, featuring motifs that keep the same graphic language as The Face of the Orc God, perhaps demarcating different Orcish tribes. The two below inspired by the Red Eye and White Hand of the Orcs of Mordor and Isengard from J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of The Rings, tying them into the literary origins of the Orc species.

Production - the Orcish Eye

Add Ons - The Orcishhand

Red Box Games Hordes of the Auld World runs on Kickstarter until 2nd September 2018.