Thursday 18 December 2014

Oldhammer Legacy Warband

There have been some stunning entries into the warband, and it's been great seeing the project come together over the past year. Run by Mr. Axiom the Legacy Warband invited members of the Oldhammer Forum to contribute a figure, then one lucky person will be chosen at random to own the lot. It  has brought forth a wealth of creativity and on the theme of Law. Of course I left my entry until the last minute, couldn't find the original miniature I was going to use, and with a bit of prompting from Mr. Assless decided it was probably a better idea to explore more Zhu-ish terrirory anyhow...

Presenting... entry for the 2014 Oldhammer Legacy Warband - a Gnomish Major Hero riding a war-dog! Rather than a single miniature, I've put together an A5 character sheet, complete with character history, special rules statistics for use with Warhammer Fantasy Battles (2nd edition, of course), period typography, accurately calculated Points Values, puns, glaring spelling errors, missing page references,  notes to rulebooks that haven't been published yet, and, of course a cut-out cardboard miniature - all for that authentic 1980s Warhammer feel.

The chap will be charging off into the post to join his comrades in their crusade against the evil forces of Chaos!