Sunday 13 March 2016

University of Barrowmaze

New UoBM shirts for the alumni, staff and students of Barrowmaze.

University of Barrowmaze Front

University of Barrowmaze Back


product concept

Greg says the shirt costs $25 including shipping in the US, probably $30 to the UK / EU - although there is a possibility he might accept a complete set of Jes Goodwin Uruk Hai from the 1980s Citadel Lord of the Rings range instead of hard currency.

To order, send an email with sizes and whatnot. Tell him Zhu sent you.

If you're thinking "What is Barrowmaze?" Where have you been? It's an epic old-school megadungeonsprawl for D&D, barely contained within a single tome:
 with an awesome psychedelic cover by none other than the legendary Erol Otus, interior black and white artwork from the mighty pen of Stefan Poag, the insane quill of Trevor Hammond and the broken bic of Zhu Bajiee (who he?), among other talented folk.
There is also a range of Official Barrowmaze Miniatures sculpted by wonderful people like Kevin 'Goblinmaster' Adams, Andrew May and Paul Muller.

Monday 7 March 2016

RBG Viking / Norse II

Red Box Games are back with another kickstarter, to fund a range of Vikingr Norse Warriors! Suitable for Frostgrave, Warhammer Norse armies,  or a whole bunch of other gamess.

Originally proposed for plastic production, an ambitious project that didn't quite reach the funding goals required ($40k),  so the models re planned for traditional white metal production that has significantly lower cost of startup.

All models are currently work in progress, so here's some finished models painted by Dead Fish to give an idea of how they end up.

All available from

You can view the Kickstarter here, already on its second stretch goal:  Vikings Miniatures Kickstarter!