Wednesday 22 March 2023

Vlätkrig Set Two: Haemogoblin Könkerors

Haemogoblins are those slightly deranged manic sorts often found hanging around ruined cities in small gangs fighting and robbing from each other and anyone one else who cross their paths. Their snottily aggressive attitudes often belies a cruel sense of humour.

Vlätkrig Set Two: Haemogoblin Könkerors features 6 printable Haemogoblin figures, each armed with their flailing weapon known as a Kon-Kah, and a shield. 

Tuk-Kah Jeng-Kyns

Ben-Nee Gree-N

Alh-An Ump-Frees

Trish-Sher Yaates

Kaff-Ey Ard-Greafs

U_Dahami Pah-Tewl
Terrain Elements, barricades made from bits of iron fence, stones and shields.

Barricade 1

Barricade 2

Barricade 3

Thursday 9 March 2023

Vlätkrig Set One: Gnörf Wardens of Legend

Here at Zhu Industries, we've been been busy developing a range of 2d print-and-play, flat-packed, digit fantasy paper miniatures. So far we have released two sets into the wild, The Gnorf Wardens of Legend and  The Haemogoblin Könkerors.

The first set The Gnorf Wardens of Legend contains seven paper figures and a sheet containing 3 pieces of scatter terrain.

Gnörves are the weird crusty folk that can be found skulking in hedgerows and generally minding their own business. A cantankerous and curmudgeonly sort, as likely to be grumbling amongst themselves as performing their solemn duties as caretakers and tenders of the the Edgelands, the borders between the cultivated places and the Great Wilds of the world. 

Myk Lynksch

Arkallar Dat Karl

Steorra Adze-Wielder

Yani Vintersdottir

Kehaar Störmyre

Yargh Fett Küppah

Jeramiah Krawhbane

Terrain pieces, include two hedges, based on traditional hedge laying techniques and a coppiced ash tree.

Laid Hedge 1

Laid Hedge 2

Coppiced Ash Tree 

Although Vlätkrig is very much grounded in a personal take on the traditional fantasy genre, and old school gaming, the models are heavily influenced by the card figures in Warhammer 2nd Edition designed by John Blanche and the various thematic Citadel Box sets (such as the Night Elf Patrol, or Dwarfs Kings Court, for example). I hope the figures are as much use as 'counts-as' models for other tabletop fantasy worlds, as they are a doorway into the strange world of Vlätkrig.

There are several more sets at various stages of development, including the Haemogoblin Konkerors which have already been published and I'll do a similar blog-post on those in a while, some Koblings (kind of suburban lesser night goblins), and a modular Ziggurat which may be Planström instructions, or new designs. When all those elements are done and dusted it will be enough to play Rick Priestley's Ziggurat of Doom scenario for Warhammer 1st Edition. Beyond that goal, plans for Vlätkrig include adding background narratives, scenarios, and some skirmish rules to the current sets. Preparatory sketches are already underway on some unusual undead types, some and the invocation of mysterious Ætheladaru.

Vlätkrig Set One: Gnörf Wardens of Legend are available from priced £1.99:

Thursday 2 March 2023

Hieronymus Bosch Tabletop Miniatures


Miniatures sculptor Andrew May (Meridan, Otherworld, Crooked Dice, Impact! Minitures and many others) is running a short Kickstarter to launch a set of 10 multipart miniatures inspired by the works of Heironymous Bosch.

It goes without saying these figures would make for an amazing and unique warband for Warhammer Realms of Chaos, steeped as it is in the Late Gothic historical-imaginary, and a highly atmospheric Frostgrave warband, or just a nice modelling and painting project to explore some of the original art history references that continue to influence and shape the worlds of fantasy hobby wargaming.