Fighting Fantasy Collection List

No.TitlePuffin BooksWizard Scholastic
1The Warlock of Firetop MountainY*

2The Citadel of ChaosY

3The Forest of DoomY

4Starship TravellerY

5City of ThievesY

6Deathtrap DungeonY

7Island of the Lizard KingY

8Scorpion SwampY

9Caverns of the Snow WitchY

10House of HellY

11Talisman of DeathY

12Space AssassinY

13Freeway FighterY

14Temple of TerrorY

15The Rings of KetherY

16Seas of BloodY

17Appointment with F.E.A.R.Y

18Rebel PlanetY

19Demons of the DeepY

20Sword of the SamuraiY

21Trial of ChampionsY

22Robot CommandoY

23Masks of MayhemY

24Creature of HavocY

25Beneath Nightmare CastleY

26Crypt of the SorcererY

27Star StriderY

28Phantoms of FearY

29Midnight RogueY

30Chasms of MaliceY

31Battleblade WarriorY!

32Slaves of the AbyssY

33Sky LordY

34Stealer of SoulsY

35Daggers of DarknessY

36Armies of DeathY!

37Portal of EvilY

38Vault of the VampireY

39Fangs of FuryY

40Dead of NightY

41Master of ChaosY

42Black Vein ProphecyY

43The Keep of the Lich-LordY

44Legend of the Shadow WarriorsY

45Spectral Stalkers

46Tower of Destruction

47The Crimson Tide


49Siege of Sardath

50Return to Firetop Mountain
51Island of the Undead

52Night Dragon


54Legend of Zagor


56Knights of Doom


58Revenge of the Vampire

59Curse of the Mummy

9Sorcery! 1: The Shamutanti Hills*

11Sorcery! 2: Kharé - Cityport of Traps*

13Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents

15Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings

21Eye of the Dragon
29Howl of the Werewolf


8Night of the Necromancer

21Eye of the Dragon

Blood of Zombies

Port of Peril


Gates of Death


Assassins of Allansia


? indicates a book I seem to have lost, but have seen in the last 2 years, so it must be somewhere!
* indicates a 'duplicate' - including the wraparound cover 1st edition of Sorcery! :CoT or a whole bunch of WoFM including a first edition in pieces and the 25th anniversary hardback.
! indicates a book in a poor condition that needs to be replaced

In addition I'm also the proud owner of:
  • Sorcery Spellbook Boxed Set
  • Clash of Princes
  • Titan  (large format)
  • Out of the Pit (large format)
  • AFF1 Dungeoneer
  • AFF2 Blacksand!
  • Warlock 5
  • Warlock 7
  • Warlock 8
  • Warlock 9
  • Warlock 10
  • Warlock 11
  • Warlock 12
  • Trolltooth Wars
I am interested in acquiring the titles that don't have a Y next to them in the Puffin column for a reasonable price. Drop me a note if you can oblige, yeah?