Saturday 10 February 2024

Vlätkrig: Rangers of Myrkváld

The latest addition to the growing range of Vlätkrig Paper Minis - The Rangers of Myrkváld comprises nine outdoor adventuring characters of different ethnicities and genders brought together with matching equipment and a variety of common weapons. 

Þryda Vald - a moody sword armed Urük pathfinder

Ljonoah - weatherbeaten sword weilding Kobling forest keeper.

Mykalmir Koch - sword carrying Gnörf wayfarer.

Vrat Schyt - stealthy spear armed Köbling scout.

Vynd Evinny - short tempered spear carrying Gnörf far-walker.

Aþullia Leggyn - proud spear carrying Gáldaethraja ranger.

Jargharh Tûrlkyne - stalwart bow armed Urük road warden.

Gah Rijakas - sharp bow weilding Kobling sniper.

Tayenifleí - haughty bow firing Gáldaethraja trail guard.

Inspired by the Scouting Movement, Tolkien's Fellowship, Gygax's Ranger character class, Dever's Kai Lords and Pratchett's Watch. The Rangers of Myrkváld are designed to be used Player Characters or an Encounter Group in tabletop roleplaying games, a warband in a skirmish wargame, or printed multiple times to create a 'monopose' mass combat army.

All figures photographed have been laser printed on 80gsm A4 paper, cut by hand and mounted on uk 2p coins with blue-tac. 

The backdrop for this photoshoot are two green clothbound hardback books, 

While both interesting in their own right, the green bookcloth and different sizes make them very suitable for creating a bookishly stylish wargaming terrain.

A Wargaming Hill, defended by Myrkváld Rangers

The Rangers of Myrkváld, alongside the complete Vlätkrig range of paper miniatures are now live on:
Priced £1.99 for the set.