Friday 27 July 2012

Red Box Games Kickstarter Art

Red Box Games are running a Kickstarter to re-tool their Helsvakt miniatures - chaotic evil barbarians:

Chaotic! Evil! Barbarian! Twoweaponing! Skullz! Chainz!

I also did some custom caligraphy / lettering, examples below:

"Stretch Goals" Caligraphy
 And this guy, who's a favourite:

The stretch-goals already met have included some of the Aenglish (Arthurian types), new Helsvakt heroes, and heading towards some new marauding hordesmen, with a few heroes (including a wicked semi-nude elf-sorceress / wardancer hero, and her wolf-friend, who I must have done at least 3 drawings of by now for Tre')  and along the way to a huge horde of very nicely sculpted fantasy zombies for an amazingly low cost.

Anyway,  here's the link again:

Friday 20 July 2012

Oldhammer T-Shirt Update

The first batch of Oldhammer: In Battle There Is No Law T-shirts have been shipped out, and new orders keep coming in - thanks to everyone who've ordered.

Mine arrived today - I have to say I was very happy with the quality of the T-Shirt, especially for the price (currently £12 soon to be £14). I was expecting much lighter fabric and slightly more tacky print. As it is, the print is nice and flat and the garment of similar weight as other single-seamed t-shirts I've spent twice the amount on.

I personally went for the Greenskin / Wood-elf / Nurgloid variant, which Mrs. Zhu complimented the colour of immediately.

Oldhammer T-shirt

Oldhammer on Warkbench
The lower photo is much more accurate colour-wise.

I'd love to hear any feedback from people who have had theirs delivered. If you're not satisfied for any reason at all, please do use Spreadshirts 15-day returns policy.

For anyone thinking about getting one, or two, as some folks have! we still have some (strictly limited) of each of the 3 colourways in stock, although black is selling the fastest.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Oldhammer T-Shirts

Due to popular demand the Realm of Zhu presents 3 limited edition Oldhammer T-Shirts.

Oldhammer T-Shirts

Display your membership of the movement with pride, become a hip scenester. Annoy your local Games Workshop Shop Manager, be the envy of your local wargames club, get a +1 to your Armour Saving throw and increase your Leadership by 1, make doing DIY with rusty tools whilst listening to Bolt Throwers first album a fashion statement, feel cool and comfy whilst trawling eBay for OOP rulebooks. All this and more! Well, no, it's actually just a T-shirt with the words "OLDHAMMER: In Battle There is No Law" in nice colours on it.

Each colour-way is strictly limited to 22 shirts only (so that's 22 Black, 22 Khaki and 22 Brown), when these have gone, they're gone.

Please note, these are produced by Spreadshirt, and I'm trusting their quality and service to deliver great t-shirts.

Games Day and Golden Demon USA Special offer

To celebrate the glorious reign of our gaming overlords, these are available for the special price of 4 pints, aka £12.00 plus postage until Games Day and Golden Demon USA on the  July 28th, 2012  when the price will rise, inexplicably, for no apparent reason, to £15.00.

Get your Oldhammer T-Shirts

A big shout out to the Oldhammer netwrok for the motivation - you know who you are!

Update, next morning...

Wow! Really wasn't expecting such a big response. Logged on this morning to an avalanche of order notifications. So cheers! Also thanks for leaving comments, Spreadshirt doesn't pass on any customer data, so if you've made an order please do drop a comment as well. As you might imagine the Black is proving really popular, but Brown is a very close second.

This T-Shirt is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, or anyone else for that matter.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Red Box Borders

Some recently completed artwork commissions for Tre' at Red Box Games.

The project was to create a half-page border for each of the range of 28mm figures, which reflects their culture, images that arise from that world, rather than pictures of it, to impart a sense of authenticity. So the images decorate a imagined 10th Century chronicle of the red box world, in a quasi-monastical tradition.

Thumbnails are quite small, so click the images to make them bigger.
Aenglish Border

Aenglish Footmen miniatues

Aenglish. Gritty Arthurian types, feudal heraldry and questing beasts, unicorns, goats, wyverns and griffons, the maimed king / St. George, sheilds emblazoned with keys and towers, symbols of defense and protection.

Aelfar Border

Aelfar Female Warrior - Kyrie Brighthel

Aelfar, a mysterious magical elf kindred, elf heroes hunt strange fabled beasts, jackalopes, cerberus, sleipneir-deer, boars and peacocks as befits their decadant aristocratic lineage.
Goblin Border
Goblin Archers

Goblins, doing typically goblinish things, lazing around eating mushrooms, kicking wolves up the arse, riding wolves and feeding skulls to their blind spider god.

Infernal border
Wraith Knights

Infernals, supernatural beings - wights that haunt the barrows of ancient kings, festered corpses, raised by the necromantic powers of evil witches, gibbering tentacled things summoned from the cold void to taint mens minds with madness.
Helsvakt Border
Gynnade Krigare - Elite servants of Hel

Helsvakt - evil warriors bound to the service of the goddess Hel. Their border features the 3 children of Loki, Hel goddess of death and the underworld, entwined with chains and skulls. The Demon-wolf Fenris who will swallow the sun and the moon at Ragnarok, and is bound with the god Tyr's hand choking his throat.  Jormungand, the serpet that binds the world, vomiting forth the blades and armormants of the Helsvakt. And Hel, half skeletal half maiden, who has Odins Spear Gungnir.

Halfblood border
Sverreulf the Red-Handed

Halfblood, accursed offspring from the union of man and goblin, suckled at the teat of wild beasts animals, rising from the wilderness to seek bloody vengeance on all those that stand before them, or seek an uneasy alliance with the folk of their thrice-accursed parentage.

These are all currently decorating the  Red Box Games website...