Thursday 16 August 2012

Barrowmaze: Music for Monsters

The gnomish scribes have been delving deep into the Barrowmaze of late, and complied an ever increasing playlist to conjour the right atmosphere. Hey, might be cool for standard dungeon-crawling too, but I've scoured my back catalogue of ambient goth and horror movie soundtracks to get the creepy undead, explory, steal some treasure, get into a fight with a zombie and run away thing going on, and a mixture of middle-east/western influences. And stuck some rocking tracks at the end, because they're funny in context.*

You'll need Spotify to listen to it, it's free (ad supported) and you'll need a Facebook account to log in (god why?) but has a tonne of music on there. Unfortunately Spotify is not available in Canadaland, so Greg hasn't yet endured had the pleasure of listening through it, so it's totally unofficial!

 Greg has sent over some previews of Barrowmaze II, and it is looking really cool. I was really excited to see the monster section - and there are lots of really creative new and revised monsters, ranging from the bizzare to the terrifying. And of course some great new monster illustrations as well as some by me as well.

Greg is going to be GMing Barrowmaze I at Gencon (if they ever let him in) in a day or so? So I hope that goes really well. There's previews and buy now of part 1 of the   Barrowmaze Megadungeon at  RPG Now.

*well I find the idea of Morrissey singing about Zombies funny.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

RBG: Kickstarter Final Days

Redbox Kickstarter - 28mm Chaotic Evil Barbarians, Cavalry, Female Chaos Warriors, Zombies, Wolves, Warp Warriors, and a t-shirt by Me.

RBG Hel barrowdirt brown T-shirt design
Tre is busy putting things together to make the KS end with a bang. We've talked Giants, Hell-maidens, a War Mammoth and even the goddess herself - so who knows?!? Started out with a modest goal of $5k and has made just shy of $55k so far.

Go and have a look -  Redbox Kickstarter

Have been working flat-out on artwork commissions for a while... more contenty discussiony, rambling posts soon!