Monday 9 August 2021

The Vaults of sha-Arthan Character Designs

Some photographs of the pen and ink character design artwork for James Maliszewski's Vaults of sha-Arthan campaign, which for some time resided in my files as "Untitled Sword and Planet Project".

The world is something along the lines of Edgar Rice Burroughs, M.A.R. Barker, Andrew Leke, Clark Ashton Smith, Jack Kirby, Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe.





The four humans were followed by three non-human character classes, which round out the player character options.




Unlike the Tékumel drawings I've been doing for James's Excellent Travelling Volume, the world is largely unexplored, so the briefs were very open, some visual references and perhaps a line or two of description and a discussion about haircuts

You can discover more about the Vaults of sha-Arthan campaign world and support and its further development via the Advanced Grognadia Patreon.