Wednesday 21 June 2023

Vlatkrig Set Four: Vackreth Deorghast

The Deörghast are the vengeance driven undead revenants of animal genocide, who have crossed the filth choked river that once separated the world of the living and the realm of the dead.

Vlätkrig Set Four: Vackreth Deörghast contains 5 unique characters, representing different undead animal species based on endangered British wildlife* for you to print, cut-out and play.

Cörach Gjölich | Water Vole

Mawdech Sythmús | Hazel Dormouse

Nythöch | Adder

Þyrneoten Draenoch | Hedgehog

Chamblaka | Bat

* 25% of each sale of Vackreth Deörghast will be donated to Wildlife Charities to help build a future for these species.

Vlätkrig Set Four: Vackreth Deörghast  is now on sale from priced £1.99.

To accompany this release, Zhu Industries has also compiled an 'Appendix N'  inspirational playlist of Industrial, Crustpunk and Grindcore for your listening pleasure, available on Spotify at Deörghast Spotify Playlist