Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Otherworld Giant - first look

I am the fortunate recipient of a Master Casting (#4 of 30) of the new Otherworld Giant 'miniature', sculpted by John Pickford.  It's an impressive piece of work, standing at 175mm and weighing a ton.

Box Contents

The model comes unassembled and packed in foam. Along with the main model there are a number of accessories in a sealy bag a pair of pouches (one falling open), a beer barrel, and a couple of swine.

Taking the pieces out, I grabbed a fistful of blue-tack and got to work putting it together. It's an amazingly well balanced model, the legs just hold themselves together under their own weight - the whole thing is metal so it's quite heavy.

Head variant one
Which I'm thinking of as the 'Wayne Rooney' for some reason. That brings an significant point - the giant has huge calf muscles, like that of a footballer. Of course he does, because giants would collapse under their own weight, so a giant would naturally develop footballers legs to support them, even if they also develop a fat gut...

Head variant two
The 'Balrog' version. 

Head variant three
This is the bearded version, aka "the geography teacher"

Obligatory scale shot
The giant stands next to an Otherworld Hobgoblin Guard who is a normal 28mm mini.  As you can see the giant is huge!

He's now available to order for £65

Not sure when I'll get around to actually building him properly - Johns instructions and tips (for which I'm doing some illustrations) are very clear and look simple to follow - although I'll need to get tooled up. Updates will surely follow!

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