Wednesday 5 May 2010

1980s Citadel Lord of the Rings / White Dwarf Index

During the 80s Citadel Miniatures obtained the license to produce Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit), Games Workshops house magazine White Dwarf featured many of the figures, either in standard advertising slots or in the regular miniatures column "Tabletop Heroes" by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk (of Lone Wolf fame). Here is a complete list of images from those magazines. Where known, the painters name is in brackets.

Outline Drawing (Advert) #64 April 1985
Gandalf on Shadowfax (P. Benson) #66 June 1985
Rohirrim on Mount (Peter Prowl) #66 June 1985
Barrow Wights (Bill Sprint) #66 June 1985
Sauron on throne #67 July 1985
Black and white photo #67 July 1985
Frodo on pony (Lindsey le Doux Paton) #68 August 1985
Gandalf (Stuart Parkinson) #69 September 1985
Orc (John Blanche) #70 October 1985
Fellowship of the Ring Box Set Advert #72 December 1985
Noldor Deep Elf (Pete Prow) #73 January 1986
Uruk-Hai (converted by Kevin Adams) #79 July 1986
Gandalf and Sauron (Colin Dixon) #81 September 1986
Balrog Box Set Ad #88 April 1987
Uruk Hai (Advert) #100 April 1988

Feel free to update any missing or incorrect details. I hope to update with scans or decent photos of the images as as soon as I get the White Dwarf magazines out of storage again.

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