Sunday, 14 November 2010

AD&D Gamebook 4 The Soulforge. Who Wants it?

First person to leave a comment on this thread wins a copy of AD&D Gamebook 4: The Soulforge.

Front and back covers have a  crease, the character sheet / bookmark has been detached and has been written on in pencil, but is still in the book.

As a Gamebook, it seems to prefer dice mechanics over decision making, which is a bit different. Storywise, it follows Raistlin's Test in the Towers of High Sorcery, basically about him becoming a proper mage.

"Why are you giving it away?" I hear you scream - well...  the Towers of Zhu are currently occupied by cardboard boxes full of junk very interesting and entertaining stuff - VHS videos, vinyl records, and my gaming collection. Looking though the box of pretty decent gamebooks I came across this. I devoured Dragonlance as an early teen,  played in the campaign, but this book has no place in my collection - I don't plan on collecting the rest of the series, and as a Dragonlance book, I can live without it. I don't know anyone who wants it, but figured it might have value to someone else in the world, and it's better they have it than me.

So all you have to do win this amazing tome from 1985 is leave a comment below, and I'll post it off to you. If I get no offers from The Thirteen Followers of Zhu (or any random passer by) before the 19/11/10,  I'll offer it up, first at, then if that fails, the local charity shop book bin.


  1. Umm...ok...I love getting things...

  2. Hello Mr. Grognard! Email your mailing address to zhu (at) nightsoil dot co dot uk and I'll pop it in the post.

  3. I enjoyed this one as a teen. One of the best parts about it, IIRC, was that they actually wrote Raistlin's spell incantations as dialogue. I later incorporated these into physical spell scroll props using parchment paper.

    I didn't realize you had a blog, Zhu. Cool.

  4. btw...I'm stateside...didn't realize you were in the bad...if you would prefer to ship locally I will gladly step aside and let someone else step up :)

    I just LOVE free stuff...I CAN'T HELP IT! :)

  5. @AD&D Grognard - no problem. Just drop me your address and I'll send it across the pond. Although I think I should ask to blog a review of the item for me troubles. :-)

    #Shimrod - hey! Nice sounding spell props, you should scan and post them somewhere.

  6. Ugh...forgot to email..I promise first thing apologies...

  7. It's Ok, Billiam, I paid it forward:


  8. Sorry Billiam!

    The package was sent off earlier this week.

  9. And I finally get it! Good God! Are they using turtles these days for transport. A month to make the crossing. I think at least one of us here could have swam over got it and returned in less time than that :)

    Anyway, thanks again. I'm very happy you included the bookmark. That is going to come in handy. I'm currently resetting my media room to make room for a large game table and will be starting it and a run at Barbarian Prince soon.

    Then it will be time to lure some unknowing college students in for play testing 10 years of blood, sweat and fears.

    Hope you had a good holiday.

  10. Hey, that's great! Hope the book provides some entertainment.

    I think the bookmark was from a Previews magazine / catalogue and was to promote the 2e AD&D Trading Card series.

    It sounds like there's been quite a lot of slowdown on the international mail front, perhaps it's just the snow, but perhaps something more sinister.

    Good luck with the gaming goodness, and don't forget to drop a review :-)