Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Lady Elyandria [Iconic Character]

After 'a bit of research on female armour design' and without much further ado, allow me to present a female plate armour wearing character, for AD&D - one of a series of "iconic" characters from the Realm.

The Lady Elyandria Athon of Eriandor

Class: Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User
Race: Half-Elf
Sex: Female
Level: 1/1/1
Hit Points:10
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sec. Skill: Shipwright, Woodworker

Str [ 17  ] To Hit:+1  Damage:+1
Int [ 11  ] Spells:45%  Min:5  Max:7
Wis [ 17  ] Magical Attack Adj:+3
Dex [ 15  ] React/Attack:+0  Defense:-1
Con [ 13  ] Hits:+0  Sys:85%  Res:90%
Cha [ 16  ] Reaction Adj:+25%

Height: 5'2"
Movement Base: 12"(6")
Weight: 100lb
Carrying Capacity: 1000gp
Thaco: 19  
Armor Class: 4(6)

Common, Neutral Good, Elvish, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll

 Turn Undead
 30% Resistance To Sleep/Charm Spells
 Infravision 60'
 Detect Secret Doors On A 2 In 6
 Detect Concealed Doors On A 3 In 6

Clerical Spells: 3
Magic-User Spells: 1

Turn Undead: Skeleton:10, Zombie:13, Ghoul:16, Shadow:19, Wight:20

Saving Throws:

Paralyze, Poison Or Death Magic:10
Petrify Or Polymorph:13
Rod, Staff Or Wand:11
Breath Weapon:15

Proficient Weapons: Sling, Staff, Shortsword, Trident

Weapon In Hand: Shortsword (1-6)

Armor Worn: Plate Mail (Rustproof), Small Wooden Shield

Shortsword, Staff, Plate Mail (Rustproof), Spell Components, Leather Backpack, Waterskin, Cloak, Rations, Leather Boots, Bedroll, Small Wooden Shield, Sack, Belt Pouch, Pocket Knife, 10ft Pole (Collapsable) Needle & Thread,


The Lady Elyandira of the House of Athon grew up among the slender pines and high spired cities of the Half-elven folk of the city Eriandor. 23rd in line to the Ivory Throne, and as daughter of a high royal house, trained in the traditional courtly pastimes of fencing, hunting and Eriandorian  ship-building.

Whilst children are rare among the Half-elven people, it is an ancient tradition among Eriandorian nobility that at coming of age, they are charged to oversee a construction of a ship and take it to the world beyond the sea, only to return to the shores of Eriandon once fortune has been raised.

On her maiden voyage Elyandria's craft was overtaken by Uruk pirates, who subsequently shipwrecked the craft in a great storm upon the jagged grey rocks of the island nation of Albion, most of the crew perished, else, given the blessings of Elyandria to do so, saught to return to their homeland at great speed and bought passage upon the first Dwarrovian Skyships they encountered. Ely however, in the capricious nature of her kind, found a strange love for the low hills and gentle valleys of her new homeland and vowed that she would make it her own, while the cry of seagulls and  smell of sea air still makes wistful for the high towers of Eriandor, she is determined to one day retrieve the heirlooms (spell book and Holy Crystal) stolen by the Uruk pirates.

Design Notes:
Demi-human level-limits have been built-in to the characters 'background', she may eventually return home and retire, whereupon her player will have 'won', although the exact circumstances are left to the individual GM / Player to determine. Also the Fighter/Cleric/M-U power-gamer combination has been severely reduced by the lost spell-book and Holy symbol / Holy crystal. Incidentally I used the SSI / TSR Dungeon Masters Assistant to roll-up and edit the character.

Oh yes so whilst I've got part of the braided battle-hair bug worked out,  I'm still working on the actual armour design, trying to work in sea / fish / dragon influences, and a character-sheet style PDF presentation her Ely and the rest of the gang...


  1. I'd also like to see how you portray her three classes in the illustration.

    On a side note, Chaotic Good is a language?

  2. Yes indeed, alignment languages, Dungeon Masters Guide p. 24. I've never managed to play or DM in game that actually uses them.

    Oh, and Ely should speak NG, not CG of course, as per her alignment!

  3. Interesting background on Lady Elyandria. The concept of a ruling class of half-elves in a municipality is a tricky one, since it is implied that half-elves tend to be outcasts from both the human and elven races.