Wednesday, 13 April 2011

80s Citadel Wood Elves up for grabs...

Battle weary yet bearing gleaming blades, out of the seas of Dettol they come, an Elven Warband of old, grim and fey. It is time for what's left of my 1980s Warhammer elf army to find a new general.

1980s Citadel Elves
  • 1 Elf Attack Chariot and 4 Crew
  • Oreons Wood Elf Command (musician, standard, champion, minor hero)
  • Scarloc's Wood Elf Archers (standard, musician)
  • 2 Elf Wild Cats
  • 14 Elf Warriors
  • 3 (bows broken) Scarlocs Wood Elf Archers
  • 3 Scarlocs Wood Elf Archers
These were fielded nearly every Sunday in the mid to late 80's, against my mates undead, dwarf and skaven armies  until eventually parts were sold off to feed my unfortunate 40k Rogue Trader plastic habit (hence the decimation of Scarlocs wood elf archers).

Ideally I'd like them to go as a lot to a collector or a gamer rather than a trader or split them up even further, well maybe I'm getting sentimental in my old age.

I have lots of photos so you can see how good the condition is. If nobody makes an offer in a week or so, then they'll end up being individually listed on eBay (uk), also as anyone who has traded with me in the past knows, I like to throw in some bits from my bits box, so expect a couple of other oddments.

Interested? Drop an email to and make an offer!

Update: Nobody interested so far, so in preparation for putting these up on eBay I've put loads of photos of fronts and backs and whatnot all up on my site: 1980's Citadel Elf Miniatures


  1. You could try the Barter Bucket. That's aimed at the GW crowd.

  2. Hey Porky I will do. I've also posted at:
    Warseer (14 views) The Warhammer Forum (37 views) and the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Yahoo Group.

    Alas, only one enquiry so far, which was a good humoured joke!