Friday, 24 June 2011

The Kirkaskivi

Visual indexes resonating with the vibrations of the transdimensional crystal matrix - an alternative source of cosmic energy for clerics.

Futuroscope | France

Daniel Cantrell
Holy Symbol: The Crystal Shard | The Dark Crystal | Froud / Henson
 Turn undead | see Skeptics Dictionary
vibrational frequencies of being | see Skeptics Dictionary
The Crystal Method

Cure Light Wounds
Crystal Castles | Game flyer
Massive Crystal Cave
Fortress of Solitude - Superman | by Daniel Cole
The Kirkaskivi needs no introduction to civilised Men. Who but the simpleton and child does not know of it? How many times has the song of its coming and the Death of Gods been recounted in the halls of tale-telling? How many wars have been faught to secure ownership of it? When indeed it is now known by all that it is the right and privilege of all who live to bathe in the glorious spectra. Who has not had some minor ailment cured or have witnessed great deeds done by one who bares but a single shard of it's geometrical perfection?  Without number is the count of people who yearn to take the Great Pilgrimage and witness for themselves the indescribable peace and beauty the blessed crystal brings. 

Is it not also true that not yet all Men are civilised? And is it not true that some, in knowing and seeing the power of the stone, seek dominion over death itself? To enslave the deceased. For that is the curse the Kirkaskivi has wrought - whilst blessings and light and life it brings to the many living, there is also rot and disease and an eternity of toil to the restless dead.

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