Tuesday 6 December 2011

Female Armour: Grace Duval's Joan of Arc

An amazing suit of armour made from old bicycle tyres. Conjurers Fremen stilsuits, Hellraiser Cenobites, and a kind of Mad Max post-apocalyptic neo-medievalist aesthetic.

Grace Duval. Full set here.

Not sure quite how practical the armour may be, it is heavily decorative and the materials (cardboard and old bike tyres) won't stand up to much combat action - the design could possibly translated into hardened leather. There are some echoes of corsetry, and Elisabethan ruffles and frills which keep the the armour feminised.  Of course, bonus points are awarded to Duval for having seemingly welded two undeniably French artefacts - the Tour de France and Joan of Arc. The model (Emma ?) is porting nice warrior hair too.

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