Monday, 16 April 2012

Your Blog is An 80's Zine

This is totally Coops fault. (if he hadn't sneaked into my brain and stole the idea when I wasn't looking). His memefesto (slightly altered):

Your last 5 blogposts are the contents of a  zine you wrote single-handedly in the 1980s, photocopied on the local library photocopier or via indulgence of an office-working parent and sold on to around a dozen people at a loss. This zine has the same title as your blog. Invent an issue number and cover price.

From somewhere rip off a suitable black and white illo (you want colour? print the cover on coloured paper you damned show-off) and fake up a cover page for this zine referring to contents inside. Bonus points for using period typewriter fonts and artistic filters to degrade the quality. Obviously if you have access to a photocopier and scanner you can start playing with distressing the paper and doing a proper illegible photocopy reproduction rather than faking it as I did. Then post on your blog for all to see, and link back to the blog you first heard about this on.

The logo lettering was copied off Rodney Matthews Elric book.
The photo is some fashion designer I can't remember the name of right now, but I'll be writing about CHAOS AMAZONS at some point.

Now, back to hiatusing...


  1. I'd buy it, looks great.
    Someone should write a CSS filter to convert all of the homebrewedness into ropey photocopy print.
    At least we get feedback now. It was lonely in 80s!