Saturday 16 June 2012

Top 10 Citadel List

Following the lists of Orlygg, Thantsants, Gaj, here I put down my current out-of-production obsessions list whilst ignoring the ranges I tell myself I'm trying to complete (80's Lord of the Rings and Talisman). Hope this doesn't inspire a collectors feeding frenzy and push up the price before I get my mitts on them. These are my top 10 OOP RARE "my wife is gonna kill me" Citadel wants list.

10. SS3. Night Elf Patrol

Night Elves. Yeah, not the World of Warcraft pin-ups, but these dimunitive predecessors of the Dark Elves hit all the right notes, they speak of an earlier age, stranger, more folksy and weirder fantasy. Although they are earlier, they remind me of Frouds Gelflings from the Dark Crystal and conjour a lot of the early era TSR vibe for me, whilst also being the poster children for  Warhammer 1st edition.

The box would make a nice warband but Citadel did not make enough of them for an army. These really are short - more halfling sized than typical Citadel Elves. I think the original Dark Elf Cold One Riders should match up size-wise (they're certainly too small for normal Dark Elves). Also might consider having a go at shortening some of the 3rd Ed plastic regiments Dark Elves to expand the force.

9. DL2 - Ally Morrison's Hobgoblin Warriors

I love me a bit of eastern exoticism in my minis. These are hugely characterful sculpts by Aly Morrison.

8. LW1 - Giak Attack Adventure Set

The combination of Gary Chalks design and the Perrys sculpting is absolutely superb. Unfortunately my painting skills probably won't do them justice.  Mint condition please. Then another junk set for conversion so I can make a semi-decent sized Giak warband. Hmm... wonder if they mix well size-wise with Otherworld goblins.

 7. LWx - All the other Lone Wolf Figures

I'm drooling now. Every single one of those minis is awesome.

6. Pan Tang Infantry

I got this idea to use Pan Tang as Hadirim and Easterlings for my retro Lord of the Rings project (building the armies for LoTR using 80's and comparibly styled modern miniatures). Their vaguely middle-eastern design is fantastic - although to be honest that static waving sword and shield in the air pose is a bit shit, so I thought  have a go at converting them, cutting their arms of and reposing them. Then I saw what they can fetch on eBay...

  5. C30 Amazons

Tekumel flavoured sci-fantasy warrioresses. Along with the Night Elves, these represent the essense of Warhammer to me. Never seen any for sale on eBay that look as crisp as the ones in this photo (3rd Compendium), so have always been a bit put off actually buying them. So as this is my wish list, I'll have the master castings please.

 4. White Dwarf Personalities

Who can resist a half naked Ian Livingstone waving his truncheon? But no, there are 4 miniatures that hit the sweet spot. Zlargh and Azaroth, based on Trev Hammonds characters, suitably derranged additions to any chaos warband. And  Gobbeldigook and Nibble based on BiL Sedgwicks comic strip. Thing is someone, somewhere, needs to be sculpting the rest of the 'gook crew. The wizard, the gobbo with the top-knot, a hapless hobbit and a dwarf or two.

3. BC4 Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos

The design of Nick Lunds orcs are phenomenal, but it's not often the sculpting lives up to the concept. These do, pure orcy goodness. 

2. DG6 Tom Meier's Zombie Dragon

4 words. Tom. Meier. Zombie. Dragon. Oh Actually,  can I have a poster of the John Blanche box cover, and a black t-shirt with the logo on it too? Thank you!

1. The Citadel Giant

no comment.


  1. Lone Wolf minis very nearly made it onto my list - trying to be good and focus on the projects I've already started! Recently read through the Kai and Magnakai adventures in order - brilliant stuff.

    Think I'm about done hoovering Amazons up but there's still a few of those Hobgoblins I'm after ;)

  2. The Giak Attack Adventure Set would be perfect with the Lone Wolf boardgame:

  3. I have many of the Orc Commandos, but the rest of this list is fairly new to me being earlier in the 80s than my period of expertise.

    Nice to see the mighty citadel giant once again! Is there anyone out there who actually owns one? I'd love to see a photographic breakdown of the beast!

  4. Regarding the amazons I did buy the whole range on ebay 2 or 3 years ago for a very good price. They are very nice with crisps details with no signs of lead rot as they were the the masters made for RAFM to made their moulds when they were casting and selling Citadel miniatures in the US/Canada.. These are the exact same ones you may see here and they are nicer that what you see on the pictures...

    Unfortunately they are now on the working bench with some paint on them (they have been for more than one year now though...), by the way I have tracked them for so long that I would not want to sell them !

  5. Hey there! I wanted to comment on the Tom Meier zombie dragon, which I also hold very close to my heart. All the Meier dragons were (obviously) released by Ral Partha as well, and it seems they continued to cast the model well into the 90's, so they're super available.

    I found an ebay listing selling heaps of this guy for $15 a piece, (purportedly lead-free, so I assume it's a 90's cast if it matters to you):

  6. @thantants - Ahh.. see I thought the idea was to start loads of project and never finish them, leaving me with a halfling army with chaos-warrior allies.

    @cafine - I'm really excited about the new LW board-wargame. I'll definately stick with the new Gary Chalks card figures - they are simply amazing.

    @orlygg - I think all members of the Giant club are sworn to secrecy.

    @Bruno - well done, those are really excellent Amazons. I'm quite jealous!

    @sirrah - that is really interesting. Unfortunately I get a total geek-on over the box artwork, it's a whole package thing.

  7. There is a Zombie Dragon to own (not mine)

    Just stumbled across it...

    1. And again, it´s only shipped to uk -.-'