Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Red Box Borders

Some recently completed artwork commissions for Tre' at Red Box Games.

The project was to create a half-page border for each of the range of 28mm figures, which reflects their culture, images that arise from that world, rather than pictures of it, to impart a sense of authenticity. So the images decorate a imagined 10th Century chronicle of the red box world, in a quasi-monastical tradition.

Thumbnails are quite small, so click the images to make them bigger.
Aenglish Border

Aenglish Footmen miniatues

Aenglish. Gritty Arthurian types, feudal heraldry and questing beasts, unicorns, goats, wyverns and griffons, the maimed king / St. George, sheilds emblazoned with keys and towers, symbols of defense and protection.

Aelfar Border

Aelfar Female Warrior - Kyrie Brighthel

Aelfar, a mysterious magical elf kindred, elf heroes hunt strange fabled beasts, jackalopes, cerberus, sleipneir-deer, boars and peacocks as befits their decadant aristocratic lineage.
Goblin Border
Goblin Archers

Goblins, doing typically goblinish things, lazing around eating mushrooms, kicking wolves up the arse, riding wolves and feeding skulls to their blind spider god.

Infernal border
Wraith Knights

Infernals, supernatural beings - wights that haunt the barrows of ancient kings, festered corpses, raised by the necromantic powers of evil witches, gibbering tentacled things summoned from the cold void to taint mens minds with madness.
Helsvakt Border
Gynnade Krigare - Elite servants of Hel

Helsvakt - evil warriors bound to the service of the goddess Hel. Their border features the 3 children of Loki, Hel goddess of death and the underworld, entwined with chains and skulls. The Demon-wolf Fenris who will swallow the sun and the moon at Ragnarok, and is bound with the god Tyr's hand choking his throat.  Jormungand, the serpet that binds the world, vomiting forth the blades and armormants of the Helsvakt. And Hel, half skeletal half maiden, who has Odins Spear Gungnir.

Halfblood border
Sverreulf the Red-Handed

Halfblood, accursed offspring from the union of man and goblin, suckled at the teat of wild beasts animals, rising from the wilderness to seek bloody vengeance on all those that stand before them, or seek an uneasy alliance with the folk of their thrice-accursed parentage.

These are all currently decorating the  Red Box Games website...


  1. Lovely stuff - the borders and the miniatures. It's a shame that they're so expensive (but I guess you pay for quality).

  2. Aha! You're the one who did that stuff! As soon as I saw the stuff on Tre's site I fell in love with the art and graphics: Great stuff, really hypnotic work.

  3. Hey, thanks for the kind words.