Thursday 27 September 2012

Dungeonpunking: Rocky Horror / Eternal Champion

ECO5 Eternal Champion Personalities: Tanglebones
via Owl Bears Lair

Richard O'Brien | Riff Raff | Rocky Horror

A little bit similar, one might say... not sure if Elric's manservant Tanglebones is a Goodwin sculpt or not. He did most of the range, so probably. Strangely I always imagined Sourdust from Mervyn Peak's Gormenghast to cut a similar figure.

And Richard O'Brien also appears as the renown Occultist John Dee in Derek Jarmans rather brutal and dirty Elizabethan/Punk time travel mash-up Jubilee, (NSFW) alongside Toyah Wilcox. Should I mention Games Workshops connection to Richard O'Briens TV series Crystal Maze? Probably not, it might complete the circle and open a warp-gate or something.


  1. I was going to mention the link, but you obviously know already so I won't risk the end of all known things either :-)

    1. It's not over until the bald guy plays the harmonica. as the saying goes.

      While we're on obscure GW TV - I don't suppose you recall a BBC2 play where a polish ex-prisoner of war teaches a kid to do a flea-circus, and the kid builds it entirely out of Epic 40k Land Raiders and Rhinos?

  2. Haven't seen that one! I did once see a super obese teen being hauled out of his house by the fire brigade, actually painting his Lizardmen as he was being stretchered away though :-)