Friday, 7 December 2012

Trolling for Podlings

Podlings, The Dark Crystal, Brian Froud,  1982

...but when podlings eat a banana, an amazing transformation occurs...

Trolls, TheHobbit, Weta,  2012
...because podlings are Bannana-trolls.

Calm down Derek, it's only a movie - Ed.


  1. Hey, what's wrong with reducing (or enlarging), re-using and recycling in this austere age we live in ;)

    Those podlings used to creep me out when I was a youngster and first saw Dark Crystal - especially when they were being drained - horrible!

    Nice to see Derek too - which WD was it when they had a pic of him blowing a big raspberry on the letters page to all the trolls who objected to him for being too "childish"?

    1. It was WD91. Going through my spares today and spotted him!

  2. Derek wasn't in white dwarf was he? I remember him from the Fighting Fantasy 'Warlock' Magazine. It was ace.

  3. Derek moved from W to WD. The word Derek in the main post links to the blog of Lew Stringer (the creator), where he talks about his history - well worth a read.

    Jacksons "recycling" strategy seems to be in full force, he even renamed The Great Goblin as "The Goblin King" - after Bowie in Henson/Frouds Labyrinth!

    Certainly the best thing about Jens triumph was having the podlings happily muppetting around again. If only the banana harvest hadn't been so poor that year, they'd have defeated the Garthim.