Wednesday 5 June 2013


Red Box Games Kickstarter the Third, ends in 10 days, modular Orcs, Norse and Dwarf miniatures.

Here's some backer icons wot i did drew for the KS promotions and whatnot...







And some erm, grffix for tha announcment of strich gaahls:

Ands a bannadvert wiv runes in the background and strange usa date formatted date.

The runes read:

Implacable, remorseless, fearless, and without mercy Orcs are feared far and wide. Rare in the North lands these vicious brutes are far cousins of Goblin kind from the dry arid highland Deserts of the southron lands west of the Aelf lands. Not much taller than a man but weighing easily as much as three large men Orcs are incredibly strong and tough. It is said that an Orc can survive a spear through it's gut long enough to kill ten men, or barely flinch as an arm is cleaved away. It is said they are unnatural, that they are more akin to trolls than to goblins bred in ancient times by mad wizards seeking to build an unstoppable army but that they threw down their lords and destroyed their kingdom.......... but whatever..... thank the Gods these monsters are as quick to war upon each other as they are men or dwarves or elves else the north lands would have been over run long ago.
Which is Tres description of:

Tre's drawing of an Orc Hero

Better get my finger out, supposed to have a new, exclusive, rare,  T-shirt design done...

Go take a look,  end 16/06/2013   ...  Red Box Games Kickstarter.

Oh yeah, and RoZ just reached 200+ followers,  200,000+ page views. Thank you all! 
Oh and apologoes to the people gracious enough to have RoZ on their bloglists, apologies for the animated post icon - unfortunately I cant fix that. normal service will resume shortly.

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