Tuesday 27 August 2013


The music videos by Phil Mucci just ripe for wargaming. Probably NSFW unless you work in a 1970s headshop or metal club.

HIGH ON FIRE: Fertile Green



OPETH: The Devils Orchard

Planet Motherfucker + Rogue Trader + Zombie Apocalypse + Planet of the Apes + Satan + Harley Davidson + Psychedelica + Billious Green + Worm Purple.

Thanks to Jack at Tales of Grotesquery and Dungeonesque 

OOPS forgot to use the word Oldhammer.


  1. Seriously Zhu, that's some insane videos here? I don't spend any time looking for videos but seeing this, is just too good.
    The opth one is just fucking brilliant (though the second half is not as good as the first.

    Very nice find dude.

  2. Those were all great. High on Fire was the most Bakshi-esque to me. Pig Destroyer was the best story for me, can't go wrong with Apes and machine guns. Opeth was okay but it felt like two separate videos. Bakshi in the beginning and James Bond credits in the second half. All very trippy none the less.

    1. Completely agrre with the 2 videos on the opth though the beginning is really great, The diplomat's face is just priceless...

  3. Yes, the Opeth video descends into "we hired a pretty girl, isn't she pretty, look at the pretty girl" territory, and isn't as strong as the PD or HoF ones, although a James Bond movie with those titles would very very Operation Mistletoe!

    Might be interesting to try the high-contrast look on some post-apoc / modern models maybe a bit like Coops Scooby Doo Undead but with purple fluro dayglo.

    Sean, thanks for reminding me of Bakshi not just because of the high-contrast rotoscoping thing, but because of the debt Wizards has to Vaughn Bode, and was researching miniatures for a 40k / Junkwaffel / Cheech Wizard thing that I'll probably never get around to, but with the psychedelic 8-bit black-light pallette, something could emerge...

  4. Very bizarre & very cool vids, Zhu


  5. Cheers Genghisdon. Do have a look at http://talesofthegrotesqueanddungeonesque.blogspot.co.uk/ where I picked up the tip. Lots of bizarro goodness.